Carrollton-Farmers Branch Rotary set a new Valentine's Day sale record for West Haven and Blessed Assurance children's homes! 
We are very excited to announce that Rotarian Gary Embrey of Shamrock Precision generously donated $1,000 today, and since the Rotary meeting and Valentine's Day sale were cancelled due to the icy weather, Regina and Gary took the Valentine's Day party to Shamrock's break room with goody bags and small gifts for all 50 employees.
Additionally, Rotarians Sonja Dodds, Matt Wenthold, Shawn Bhagat, John Dodd, Bill Lovell, and Tom Washington were fabulous and each donated $100, which means we raised $1,600 for the two disabled children's homes in Jamaica today. This is a new record!
Note due to the cancellation of the sale during the regular meeting time, we will hold a sale in March so more Rotarians will have the chance to participate in the fundraiser. Watch the website for more details to come. There will be candy, Easter baskets, decorations and books---everything you need for your children and grandchildren to get ready for Easter and Spring.