Considering all the implications of the current Coronavirus pandemic on the recruiting and selection of campers for Camp RYLA 2020 we have decided to make some important changes to our schedule and deadlines. Because school closings and shelter in place orders have made it difficult for many clubs to connect with prospective campers we will now accept camper applications until May 1 instead of our original deadline of April 1. 
We have also decided to move our Parent/Student Orientations from the scheduled May dates to June.  New June dates will be announced as soon as the schedule is finalized.  
  • Clubs with applications but have not interviewed prospective campers might consider doing interviews using video conferencing such as Zoom, or FaceTime or simply a phone call.
  • For clubs still trying to identify candidates and can’t get their applications because the schools are closed please be creative. Ask your club members if they have friends or neighbors who have high school juniors who might be candidates or children who can refer you to someone. Ask your Interact Club members for suggestions and contact information and reach out. Perhaps the youth leader at your church or a favorite teacher at school can help. Don’t just decide it’s too hard—that means some deserving young person will miss out on the opportunity of their lifetime.
We are still planning to have Camp RYLA 2020 July 26-31. Counselor training and staff selection is actively underway, anticipating an even better camp after all the current challenges are behind us. 
Reach for the Future!