Plano Rotary Club was on track to celebrate 2020-2021 as its 75th anniversary when Covid-19 hit and our club saw an opportunity to serve the community in a new way.  Since our dues included our lunches, we took that part of our dues and bought meals for various non-profits that are busy serving others every day.
Each month, we provided meals to organizations such as Samaritan Inn, Love Pacs, My Possibilities, Plano Day Labor Center, and the Plano Community Home (for seniors).  Approximately 700 meals were delivered, all prepared and individually boxed for these organizations.
Those receiving meals made every effort worthwhile. From huge smiles to hugs, big thanks you’s and God bless you’s, we were greeted with gratitude and surprise.  We aren’t through celebrating 75 years yet and we look forward to the day that we can meet face to face.