"We cannot do great things on this earth, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa Rotary has two official mottoes: 1) Service Above Self, 2) One Profits Most Who Serves Best. Plano West Rotary leads outdoor, mask required service projects each month. It also leads "passive" projects volunteers can do from the safety of their home.
30-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge is something Rotary clubs can and should do. It's easy to manage and allows everyone to get involved 1) Someone signs-up to do 1 Act of Kindness every day for 30 days. 2) We give a list of things to do, 3) We honor the top 3 kind people who complete the list. One of our new young adult member leads the project. We're spreading Rotary's service ethic throughout the community while making each day a better day for others. After 2 weeks, 15 people have signed up. Only 4 of them are club members. That's 11 non-Rotarians doing Service Above Self. https://bit.ly/rotary-kindness