On May 1, 2018 the Addison (TX) Midday Rotary Club presented two checks to REACT Neuro-Rehab in Addison, TX. REACT offers a comprehensive multi-modal approach to neurological recovery through a blend of neuroscience and strength training principles.

The first donation is for a scholarship to REACT’s ‘No Athlete Left Behind’ program.  This program allows REACT to serve a population that, due to their injury and the financial burden that consumes families affected by these conditions, is unable to fund their participation in REACT’s Neuro-Restorative training program.  This elite one-on-one training program offers customized training prescriptions.  The focus is on restoring motor function, building strength and enhancing overall independence.

The second donation is for a scholarship to REACT’s ‘Legacy Project’.  The Legacy Project, a free program offered to applicants, is a 12-week high-intensity, group training program that combines strength training and sport. Participants are given a unique opportunity to overcome their physical limitations and inspire others to achieve what many view as impossible.