Thanks to Walt McCool for preparing the following recap (with a few additions from our DG) of last Saturday's District 5810 Roundtable held at MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church in Irving.

Remember that you must submit your district grant application and memorandum of understanding by September 15.  Here are the forms.

We received lots of great tips for increasing club membership from Membership Chair Holly Hollenbeck at Round Table. She discussed information about satellite, cause-based, and affinity club models.  You can start a satellite club, offering fewer meetings and lower member costs, with only eight members.  Our district has an new cause-based club, the Suicide Prevention and Brain Health Club, which already has more than 50 members.  An affinity club can be formed among people who have a common profession or employer, for example.

Other leads for new members include:  your club’s past college scholarship recipients, former club members, former Interactors and Rotoractors, 4-way speech contest participants, and RYLA campers. 

Pam Blankenzee discussed the Public Image Champion Games for this year.  These useful exercises will help to enhance your club's public image and you can learn about them here.

We also heard an amazing presentation by Alex Johnson on Rotary Community Corps, an example of which was a dynamic service group formed by the Plano West Club.  The corps has helped the club to dramatically increase its service opportunities and membership.  You may have read about Plano West in the August issue of Rotarian magazine.  Alex posted his slides on Dropbox.  And he prepared a 25-minute video about transforming your Rotary Club.

If you would like to view any of the meeting - Click above on the video recording.