The Carrollton-Farmers Branch Rotary Club has long supported the work of Bea's Kids, a local non-profit whose mission is "to provide educational and personal development programs to children from low income families so they will stay in school and break the cycle of poverty."
CFB Rotary Club President David Hale and Community Service Director Ben Hogan presented one of five Annual Community Service Grants to Bea's Kids' Executive Director Mari Rubio. 
Bea's Kids is grateful for their history. "Our Founder, Bea Salazar, a disabled mother of five, began feeding hungry children from her Carrollton apartment complex in June, 1990, after discovering a small boy looking for food in the dumpster when she went to take out her trash. The circle of kids fed by Bea began to grow, and when school resumed Bea helped the kids with their homework. Her effort grew to a crusade against hunger, illiteracy, school dropout, domestic strife, drugs, violence, gangs, and poverty, planting the seed that would grow to become a nonprofit 501(c)(3) agency serving more than 200 students, K through 12th grade, in low-income apartments."