... and a whole new set of challenges for the North Texas Food Bank and all the people they serve. Trisha Cunningham, CEO of the Food Bank, knew that the demand was increasing with little way to mobilize for immediate action.  Their trucks were grounded, the supply change to grocery stores was fragile, and most people were trapped in their homes.  For those with food insecurity, this was a crisis in the making. 
As a collaborative partner of the Rotary Club of Park Cities, we needed to help even though we, too, were trapped in our own homes.  President Barb Jeffries and PP Ley Waggoner decided to create an RCPC Giving Team on the NTFB website with the goal of reaching a $1,000 contribution.  However, Rotarians do what Rotarians do, and that goal was exceeded almost as fast as it was created.  RCPC then upped the goal to $5,000. By Friday, a week later, that goal was exceeded as well.  RCPC’s new goal is $6,000, and we are on our way.  As of Midnight, Friday February 26, the RCPC Team had contributed $5,475.00
With a triple match in effect, the resulting funds will help the Food Bank provide additional food to those who consumed all of their reserve supplies during the recent cold, snow and power outages.  The NTFB mobile pantries are back on the road, taking the food boxes to communities where it is most needed.  With the damage created from broken pipes and the added costs of repairs for those and other damage, even more families may be turning to the Food Bank for support until they can recover.  We are so glad they are there and that RCPC could help!