A really unique opportunity was presented to Plano East Rotary from Darren Collins, a Rotarian in the DeSoto Rotary club.  He called PDG Ean Sullivan, a member of our club, to tell him that the Kenyan Ministry of Health had contacted him and asked him to create a video for Kenyan TV using puppets to teach the WHO procedures for  hand washing, social distancing, and coughing techniques, specifically targeting children.
This would be done using puppets that would really grab the children's attention.  The government issued the final approval after we informed them we were supporting the project.  The cost to produce this video was about $2,000.  This is an unbelievably cheap opportunity to make a world-wide difference.   The result was a professional video distributed throughout Kenya. We also received a copy of the video that we put on our website and Facebook page.  The vision was to make the video “go viral” to combat the virus.  Our club set aside matching funds of $1,000 for our members to support this with their donations and the project moved forward.  I am happy to report that the video has been created and is available.  Click on the photo above to play video or you can see it on the Club's Facebook page.