On February 6, 2019, a team of volunteers and staff working with the charity Mayan Families delivered 40 Eco Filter water filters to the small village of Peña Blanca in the municipality of Camotan, Chiquimula, Guatemala. They were thrilled to receive the gift of clean water! 

Beneficiaries of this project were 40 families in the rural community of Peña Blanca. Most are farm workers who do not earn a living wage to support themselves or their families. Chronic malnutrition is prevalent in this and in many rural Guatemalan communities. The lack of clean water exacerbates this issue and negatively impacts health. The filters, made in Guatemala, remove 99.9% of particulates that contaminate the water. Access to clean water improves health and productivity.

A documentary was filmed in the community where the filters were delivered. It's called, "Living on One Dollar" and it won several awards. The video can be found on Amazon Prime.