The Greenville Rotary club had several members recently visit their sister club in Cozumel in January 2020.  Club members carried supplies and other items to help the students attending the CAM Laboral Cozumel, a school for students age 12-18 with attention or sensory problems like, blindness, deafness, autism.
During the visit the Greenville Club members and Club Rotario Cozumel members did educational games and activities with students.
One of the highlights of the trip for Greenville Rotary President, Katy Ridge and International service chair, Kim Quimby, to have the opportunity to speak about their trip and the achievements of the partnership between the two clubs on both local radio and television.
They Club had a dinner with students, parents, school staff and Cozumel club members.
We provided shirts from our Cotton Patch Challenge bike ride to the kids.
David Weiland, club service chair, had a chance encounter with someone he had met several years ago. A few years back the club carried donated wheel chairs on their trip to Cozumel. David described the chairs that the people were having to use, as old and worn out. Many of them were being held together by wire. He picked up a gentleman from his old worn wheel chair and placed him into a chair that they had brought down. During this January trip, David hears someone saying Mi Amigo, Mi Amigo. It was the man that he had helped with the new wheel chair. They embraced the moment with a heartfelt hug.  He said that he could tell in the man’s demeanor, that the new chair had changed his life, and it showed on his face and the way he presented himself.