A group of well experienced Disaster Relief Rotarians have once again come together to organize relief supplies, medical assistance, shelter and other necessary commodities for people in Southern Haiti to survive and rebuild after the August 14th earthquake.  Haiti is part of Rotary District 7020 which includes 10 countries and 16 islands in the Northern Caribbean.
“It is our responsibility to let Rotarians in our District 7020 and anyone that wants do donate the easiest and most secure way to do so,” said PDG Haresh Ramchandani, Committee Chair.  He continued, “we are working with the Disaster Network of Assistance Rotary Action Group (DNARAG) to collect funds and then ensure that immediate aid is received by those with the greatest need.” 

Cash is always the easiest way to get aid to those who need it now. We also have a list of needs, of which many can be sourced locally. This will not only help with relief, but also will support the local economy. To donate by credit card via PayPal, click here:


Donations from USA are tax deductible.

The Rotary team has already reached out to partners within and outside of Haiti to coordinate and increase the effectiveness of the response.  Organizations’ members have already reached out include ShelterBox US Disaster Aid, CDEMA, US State Department, Rotary Caribbean Disaster Response Team and others.  Outreach to other aid organizations is ongoing.

To donate to Shelter Box Relief for Hati Earthquake  or 

to donate to the Rotary International Disaster Response Fund