There is a company called Trusted World that provides services to a variety of 501 C 3 entities.  It is a unique company started by Michael Garrett from his garage about 10 years ago.   If you think of them as a clearinghouse for other 501's to shop for the needs of their recipients that is accurate. 
If someone needs, food, clothing, toiletries etc., you can log on to Trusted World's site and shop for them.  They will get the items from their warehouse and give them to the charity to distribute.  They rely on many volunteers to help them do this and with the shutdown they have had trouble with that due to social distancing and many of the volunteers being in high risk categories.  They asked for money to hire 6 people as "permanent staff" to fulfill their mission for a 3 month time frame.  Our club provided the funds ($7,000) for one of these positions.  We asked that it be a veteran because the money came from the proceeds of our Flags of Honor program.    This will enable some 1500 people to be helped. Check it out. at   In addition to Trusted World, we matched the district gran by donating $1200 to the Salvation Army food bank.  We have new member of our club, Lt. Amanda Cain that runs the Plano Salvation Army branch that received the check.