Bethany Elementary 5th grader Kate Chudy uses a wheelchair. Kate was worried she wouldn’t be able to participate in the upcoming 5th grade camp because of the design of her wheelchair, which isn’t suitable for “off-roading” without a second person to help push. 
Bethany Elementary 5th grade teacher Cristina Todd, who is also a member of Plano West Rotary Club, was determined to find a way to allow Kate to attend 5th grade camp.
“Having heard her story, and having been to camp previously, I knew that we had to try a little harder. I reached out to a national organization who connected me to the North Texas United Spinal Association. The founder himself spoke with me, and he didn't hesitate to jump on board,” said Cristina.
Together they found a resource to make a custom, all-terrain wheelchair for Kate, but the North Texas United Spinal Association (NTUSA) could only cover half the cost. Cristina turned to Plano West Rotary Club to secure the rest of the funding. The Plano Community Rotaract Club pitched in to provide the chair’s cushion.
On November 9 Kate was presented with her custom-made Spartan Chariot wheelchair at school. Cristina was joined by Plano West Rotary Club President Tamara Thomas and fellow Rotarian Katherine Goodwin who is also a Plano Independent School District (PISD) trustee. Kate’s parents, PISD staff and NTUSA Founder Joe Gavic were also present.
The all-terrain wheelchair will allow Kate to participate in the upcoming 5th grade camp independently. This will also positively impact Kate’s personal life, as she is able to participate in more outdoor activities with family and friends and in her school’s field day. NTUSA is also interested in establishing a long-term partnership with Rotary to continue changing lives.
Thank you, Cristina, for reaching out to these organizations to make the donation possible and for helping to ensure that your student could participate fully and successfully!