Our 3rd District 5810 Flag Summit will be a Zoom Meeting on Saturday, March 20, 2021 from 9:30 AM to Noon.  As in the past our primary focus is on Sharing Best Practices.  District 5810 has over 20 clubs that have flag subscription programs, each with unique ways of organizing and implementing their program.
During the previous two summits, we were able to share best practices and come away with new ideas for our respective programs.  We also shared our vendor relationships and since these summits, we have been able to save clubs several hundred dollars. Click to register
The summit will be no different.  Our District Flag Committee met and put together an agenda that we hope will bring new and refreshed ideas.  We will share out the previous two summits helped us improve our respective programs.
Our primary focus will be on “How to Grow a Program”.  Below is a list of topics:
  • How to Grow a Flag Program
    • Marketing Ideas
    • Residential / Business
    • Discount Rates
    • Multiple Flag Subscriptions
    • New Neighbors / How to canvass
  • Flag Subscription Record Keeping and Managing Renewals
  • Flag Storage and Maintenance Cost
  • Flag Longevity
  • Flag Disposal
  • How to start a flag program.
Please register as many of your club’s flag committee as you wish. There is NO Cost associated with this meeting.  Come prepared to share your best practices.  An email will go out to registered attendees for the Zoom Sign up.