Richardson Rotary Club reached a momentous milestone in December 2020. The Club's Foundation Committee Chair, Radi Al-Rashed had a vision at the beginning of his term as Chair to make the club "100% Paul Harris" by the end of the year. That goal has now been achieved.
2020 was a very challenging year for individuals and for clubs on many levels, including financial. Richardson Rotary had been accumulating Paul Harris Recognition Points for some time and Radi thought that, during this challenging time, those points could be used to strengthen Club Member’s commitment to the Club and to The Rotary Foundation. With the consent of the Board, Club Points were awarded to Club Members, as needed, to ensure that each Club Member would become a Paul Harris Fellow. Richardson Rotary now counts 28 more members as Paul Harris Fellows as a result of this program.

It is hoped that all members of the club, especially those that received points, will contribute to The Rotary Foundation via the club’s TIER 1 Challenge fundraiser. The fundraiser sets a minimum goal of raising enough funds to meet District 5810’s Tier 1 Status.