The Tanzania Children’s Choir (TCC) will be in Dallas Friday June 16th, then any day from June 19 through June 23rd. They are looking help finding a venue to give performance and if possible for a few Rotary (or partner with another Rotary Club) to host them while in Dallas. 
Hosting the choir provides a great opportunity for  clubs in those areas to be aware of the choir and the school which Lakeway/ Lake Travis Rotary has supported. 
Hosting requirements are accommodations for the children, and lunch and dinner. The children would eat breakfast at the hotel and would need 8 rooms. They are easy to feed--tacos, pizza, just about anything but pork and only room temperature liquids. Sandwiches  for lunch would be easy, and hamburgers and fries would be a treat for them for supper. Interestingly, they seem to love barbecued chicken  or beef so it should be easy to accommodate the 30 individuals in the group.
It would be best to hold the concert in an area that has a piano and a sound system. We do bring a sound system but an area designed for
these types of events would work best.
There are 23 singers, and ten of those children also drum using the authentic African drums made just for this occasion. The children have been trained by three university professors from Arusha, Tanzania including  a vocal coach who holds a masters degree from Texas State, a drum master, and a pianist. The choir director is a youth pastor. 
The playlist includes  original African songs, some sung in Swahili, as well as  country music favorites such as Love Can Build A Bridge and many other western music favorites. The drumming may just bring down the house!😍 An African dance performed  to original music, with drums setting the beat, is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
There is no charge for the concert although  we hope for donations to help defray the expenses of the choir's travels from East Africa.
For more information about how YOU can be a part of their visit contact:  Donna Gunn, or 512-350-5880