When the national, state, and local governments added ’stay-at-home’ to the collective vernacular and called on Americans to practice new social distancing guidelines in an effort to help flatten the pandemic curve, Lindsey Lloyd, a retired army veteran military bandsman and Rotarian in the Allen Sunrise Club, placed calls to his friends and neighbors around the country to cheer them up during the quarantine by playing requested familiar eventful songs on his trumpet. (https://youtu.be/Oiwj8qr6Nek)
Using his smartphone, Lindsey was able to uplift people, some he’s known for over 40-50 years in Nevada, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, and Texas. Everyone appreciated his thoughtfulness:

“No one has ever serenaded me before.” – Dollie Hambrick (TX)
“Made my day.” – Col. Dwight Thomas (VA)
“Thanks for the birthday music.” – Deacon Gray (TX)
“Can you play for grandpa out in the yard?” –Eileen and Douglas Walling (MO)
“Can you play on facetime for the grandbaby?” –Mike and Rupa Tatachar (TX)

Lindsey said, “My volunteering days started with Danny Thomas’s St. Jude Summer Programs in the 1960s. I grew up volunteering at church, singing at church, playing in the high school band, chorus, science club, French Club, and many other activities. Volunteering to help others is a way of life. It is the way my wife and I were raised (in the “deep south”).”