Welcome to the PR Club Toolbox Resource Page

District Public Image Chair - J.J. Nichols J.J. Nichols, jjfromtexas@yahoo.com
District Webmaster & Social Media - Pam Blankenzee, pblankenzee@ca.rr.com
Strengthen Rotary’s image by delivering a clear and compelling message that conveys what we do and how people can engage with us.
Check out the following resources: 

Rotary Brand Center 

Create Club Logo & brochure using template, download Rotary logos, images, videos and ads


Tools for Creating Content

Canva - a free online tool to create graphics in your desktop browser for Facebook Posts, newsletters, website
Piktochart - create charts & infographics in your browser - low cost
PicMonkey – a free online editor for photos
Facebook Live - create a live video that will post directly to your Facebook Page. You can use this to promote an event, talk about a project, congratulate a new member and more
Powtoon – create an online video – free and paid versions