Welcome to the Rotary District 5810 Public Image Champion Games

All Level Challenges must be electronically submitted using the submission links BELOW!

To the LEFT... you will find RESOURCES to help complete each of the Levels. 


Submit all of your Level Challenges by clicking on each link below! 

Level One  -  Deadline  September 30, 2021
Level Two - Deadline November 15, 2021
Submit here. Check side panel for resources for World Polio event. Click here to register your event at endpolio.org
Level Three - Deadline December 30, 2021
Note that all stories and events submitted since July 1, 2020 will count for this Level. Submit here
Level Four - Deadline February 28, 2021
My Rotary account is required to access the E-Learning Center.  See side-panel for instruction on how to create your account. For People of Action photo: Must include an ACTION VERB with the Rotary People of Action logo .... the People of Action template/photo filter. See the example on the side menu. Submit here
Level Five - Deadline  March 31, 2022
Check the side panel for Press Release template and example. Submit here
Level Six - Deadline  March 31, 2022
Level Seven -  Deadline  May 14, 2022
Level Eight  - Deadline May 14, 2022
Submit Club Video here
Level Nine - Deadline May 14, 2022