For anyone unfamiliar with Bonton Farms, it was started by Daron Babcock several years ago as a way to bring food and jobs to a very poor South Dallas neighborhood in an area designated as a “food desert.”  The farms have prospered and expanded to include the Bonton Market and a café that is open to the public for lunch, among other projects benefiting the community.

As Director of Health and Wellness Services at Bonton, RCPC member Stephanie Bohan knew that good nutrition is the building block to being well.  Consistent with RCPC’s strategic goal of fighting hunger, our Club’s Legacy of Leadership Class chose their year-end project to help Stephanie improve the nutrition of the people living in the Bonton neighborhood.  The farms now provide some of the fresh vegetables needed for a healthful diet.  However, Stephanie soon realized that not all of the residents knew the best ways to prepare healthy meals.  She was able to receive a generous grant from Kroger grocery store to purchase supplies and prepare weekly meal kits for residents of the community.  The Leadership Class is helping to find heart healthy recipes used in those meal kits that utilize the donated groceries and seasonal produce available.  They are also helping to pack food which the residents can pick up or to deliver the food to people who are unable to pick them up due to their age or poor health.  The residents often are not only glad to get the food, but the company as well, and ask the person delivering to sit down and visit for awhile.

In the future Stephanie is planning for people from the North Texas Food Bank to teach nutrition classes at Bonton, as well.  In the meantime, RCPC members are helping to bring nutritious food for health and a little time to socialize for a break in the day.  From reports of the RCPC members who have been helping out, they are enjoying their visits as much as the people being visited.